We recommend an OCT Eye Scan as part of your eye examination

OCT Eye Scan

Experience the pinnacle of eye care with our state-of-the-art OCT-3D Eye Scanner. As part of our ADVANCED eye examination, this painless and quick process is conducted on all patients. By utilising a low powered light, our 3D OCT scan allows us to examine the deeper layers of retinal tissues, where early signs of conditions like macular degeneration, diabetes, and macula holes can be detected. This enables us to provide timely treatment and management plans for these conditions. Regardless of your age, our optometrists may recommend this advanced scan for you.

Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology and ensure the earliest possible detection and intervention for potential eye conditions. Visit us today to experience superior eye care and benefit from the remarkable capabilities of our 3D OCT scan.

Glaucoma Detection & Monitoring

Our OCT scan goes beyond standard glaucoma checks by measuring the thickness of nerve fibre layers, enabling us to detect the damaging effects of glaucoma at an earlier stage. This advanced scan is particularly beneficial for monitoring the condition in patients who have already been diagnosed with glaucoma.

Early diagnosis is crucial for managing glaucoma and preserving your vision. Therefore, we recommend this test for all our patients aged 40 and above, regardless of their family history of eye problems. It’s important to note that glaucoma does not cause pain or noticeable changes in vision during its early stages, so relying on how your eyes feel is not a reliable indicator of their health.

Don’t take any chances with your eyesight. Trust in our expertise and undergo the OCT scan to ensure early detection and effective management of glaucoma. Schedule your appointment today to prioritise your ocular well-being.

Macular Degeneration

As we age, various health issues arise, including those that affect our vision. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease that has traditionally robbed the elderly of their ability to read, drive, and recognise their loved ones’ faces. However, thanks to our OCT technology, we can now detect AMD before significant vision loss occurs. Furthermore, with the help of new medications, we can halt the progression of AMD.

Our OCT scan captures a digital 3D retinal image, creating a permanent record that can be compared with previous and future images. This enables us to easily identify subtle changes in the macula, which would be challenging to describe in written words alone. A picture provides a highly detailed and accurate record of your eye health. For patients at risk of macular degeneration, we highly recommend undergoing an OCT scan to ensure early detection and effective management.

Protect your vision and stay ahead of macular degeneration. Schedule your OCT scan today and benefit from the advanced technology that allows us to closely monitor your eye health over time.

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Graeme Luke
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